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We are a student-led community of individuals studying or interested in Computer Science at the University of Vermont. Founded in 2010 by Anthony Sweet, Mark Cooper, and Beau Cameron, we advocate and promote Computer Science at UVM, and in the greater Burlington community. We provide a space for students to further their knowledge and skills in CS related concepts and applications. We are located in Perkins 202 and welcome anyone who wants to come in and embrace the computer science life.


The CS Crew strives to unify the computer science student body. We host student led workshops, guided project nights, talks from professors and the community, and recruitment opportunities.Furthermore, the CS Crew provides an all access space for computer science students to hang out, collaborate, and work on homework.

CS Crew also functions as a bridge between CS students and faculty. We host an eclectic bunch of students who are prone to push each other in computer science, academics, and life. All UVM students are universally welcome in this space regardless of major or computer science knowledge.



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Here is our calendar of important events and times. We have set meetings every other Thursday and other events scheduled throughout the week. We don't hold official help hours anymore unfortunately, but drop in any time to get help with your homework from other students. Check back frequently to see what's going on! Want something related added on? Shoot us an email and we'll slap it on!

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180 Colchester Ave,
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